Emmy Nominations Wish List: From ‘Atlanta’ to ‘Westworld’

     July 10, 2017


Last year, in a shock to most, the Emmy Awards actually got their list of nominees very right. After long being considered one of the more out of touch industry awards, the Emmys (which are voted on by peers, not the press or a membership board across the entertainment world) really stepped into the Peak TV era and began rewarding series that had previously and woefully been overlooked. Still, there are always snubs, if only because there are a limited number of nominations to be had — and there are only so many hours in the day to watch all of these nearly 500 scripted shows to begin with. Since the Emmys also covered unscripted, well … you get the point.

That intro also serves as a bit of a disclaimer — this is my list, if I had a vote, of who I think deserves to be recognized in the major categories. There are plenty of great shows I haven’t had a chance to watch from June 1, 2016 of last year to May 31st of this one (the limits of the Emmy nominations window, meaning both Downward Dog and Twin Peaks don’t count since most of their episodes have aired past the cutoff; Game of Thrones also missed out last year by airing before). There are also some highly-lauded shows that frankly I just don’t like. But from everything I have seen (which is an immense, almost insane amount of television), I’ve made my picks below. Since this is just a dream ballot, share your picks in the comments as well, and let’s see how many actually get a nod on Thursday: