Watch a 10-Minute Celebration of Movies Released in 2019

     December 27, 2019

I’ve got my own list of favorite movies of the year, but I’d like to bet your list is different. Maybe there’s overlap, maybe there’s not. And maybe your list includes big studio blockbusters, films that were released on a streaming service, movies destined for Oscar nominations, ones that had a tough time at the box office, or maybe others that didn’t receive rave reviews. The point is, no matter the general consensus, if you love a movie that came out in 2019, you should celebrate it – especially this time of year.

I’m a firm believer that every movie out there is loved by someone and that’s part of the reason why I enjoy this time of year so much. Yes, we’re inundated with “best of the year” lists, but they’re often lists fueled by personal passion that highlight the wide variety of content we’ve seen this year. Back in 2015, that exact thought inspired me to cut a film tribute video that included just about everything released and ever since, it’s been my absolute favorite video to cut each and every year, and now 2019 is no different.


Image via United Artists Releasing

Check out the video at the top of this article to celebrate a whole bunch of movies released in 2019. And I say a whole bunch because this year it might have been more difficult than ever to account for every single film given the rise of streaming services. Between at-home viewing, wide releases and movies getting limited runs on the big screen, the year was filled with such a wide variety of storytelling, showcasing the talent of industry veterans who keep getting better and better, and a whole bunch of rising stars that are now an absolute must to keep an eye on.

Hope you enjoy my tribute to film in 2019! If you’d like to know what movie a specific clip came from, feel free to contact me on Twitter @PNemiroff. And if you’re looking to add some great music to your playlist, here are the songs featured in the video: “I’m Still Standing” from Rocketman, “Skyhooker” from Luce, “Pas De Deux” from Us, “Glasgow” from Wild Rose, and “Portals” from Avengers: Endgame.


Image via MGM


Image via NEON CJ Entertainment

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