Superhero Movie Box Office 2019: Which Title Won the Battle of the Year?

     December 30, 2019

Another year comes to a close and with it another end to the annual Box Office Battle. 2019 saw a lot of superhero movies. Whether or not you consider them cinema, they brought in billions of dollars from worldwide audiences, with only four movies tallying up for more than $6 billion on their own. So to folks who thought the Superhero Craze was slowing down, yeah, that’s probably not happening anytime soon.

However, you might think that the year’s biggest movie, both at the box office and in the zeitgeist, was Disney/Marvel’s MCU culmination, Avengers: Endgame… and you’d pretty much be correct. BUT! It wasn’t a clean sweep from the ultimate Marvel movie; a late-year spoiler lurked in the wings to snag the top spot in one of our categories. Avengers: Infinity War had a great shot at sweeping last year, but a DC hero and a fellow Marvel movie prevented that. So who gets to play the spoiler this year? Read on to find out!


Image via The H Collective

A note on which movies were included and how the totals were tallied: Basically we confined the entries to the biggest superhero movies of the year; sorry to Fast Color (4/19) and Brightburn (5/24). That doesn’t mean only Marvel and DC Comics were considered, though. Here’s a look at the ones that made the cut:

So while the ultimate winner of the 2019 Battle of the Superhero Box Office shouldn’t come as a surprise, this list serves as a good reminder of the many superhero movies that premiered, just how well (or poorly) they performed, and how blessed we are to be seeing superheroes and supervillains of this quality on the big screen. See how your favorite fared below!

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