2020 Horror Movie Guide: 17 Scary Movies to Put on Your Calendar Next Year

     November 19, 2019

2020 is only a handful of weeks away, and in addition to a Lord of the Rings TV series and a hideously exhausting presidential election, there’s going to be a whole new slate of horror movies to watch. Many of them will be godawful straight-to-streaming flicks with titles like The Possession of Amityville Johnson, and you shouldn’t watch any of those unless they’re literally the only in-flight movies available, and even then only if the plane is nosediving into the sea.

But fear not! I have assembled a list of the most notable spook shows due out in 2020, including a new Edgar Wright movie, a Clive Barker reboot written by Jordan Peele, and a bonafide Nic Cage space freakout.

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