20th Century Fox is Going COMMANDO With Director David Ayer

     April 28, 2010

David Ayer Commando.jpg

It seems writer/director David Ayer (Harsh Times, Street Kings) has finally decided on his next project and it’s going to be a remake/reboot of the classic 1985 Arnold Schwarzenegger movie Commando, with Erwin Stoff and John Davis producing.  According to Deadline:

“He will put his own real-world spin on this original premise: a retired elite special forces operative sees his daughter kidnapped and is told she’ll die unless he gets on a plane and kills the rival of a nasty exiled dictator. Ayer’s protagonist will be less brawny, but more skilled in covert tactics and weaponry.”

While I figured many films would be remade before Commando, I’m not completely against it.  What I am against is producer John Davis being involved.  Hit track record speaks for itself:  Dr. Dolittle, Eragon, Garfield, Daddy Day Care, AVP: Requiem, Norbit, Fat Albert, Waterworld, and a ton of other movies I would never pay to see. More after the jump:

Now before I continue bashing John Davis, the guy was involved with Predator, Predator 2, and Three O’Clock High, so whatever he was smoking/doing back in the early 80’s he needs to do it again.

The other producer on the project is Erwin Stoff and his track record is much better:  Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, The Matrix, I Am Legend, The Blind Side, Constantine and a bunch of other smaller, less successful films.  Perhaps putting the two of them together will save this project.

But the key to the film is the tone.  Is David Ayer’s going to make the film completely realistic and not have any one liners, or is the tone going to be serious with a splash of fun.  Because I think that’s the key.  Look at Terminator Salvation.  A solid movie all around but it never took a break from the serious tone.

With all the 80’s inspired movies being made/remake right now, you have to wonder what else is coming.


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