‘24: Legacy’ Cancelled as Fox Considers Yet Another Reboot

     June 8, 2017


It appears that 24: Legacy will endure as…a limited series. Indeed, after the show was one of Fox’s prime new dramas during the most recent TV season, the network has opted to cancel the series and not move forward with a second season. The show came on the heels of the Jack Bauer-fronted event series 24: Live Another Day as the creative team from that show—Manny Coto and Evan Katz—came together to craft a new reboot of the property lead by Straight Outta Compton star Corey Hawkins. This wasn’t a total do-over as some characters from the original 24 returned, including Carlos Bernard as Tony Almeida, but the ratings declined over the show’s 12-episode run and never really soared the way Fox had hoped.

But apparently Fox will never learn its “24 is dead” lesson, as TV Line reports that the network is already mulling ways to reboot the property once more. Producers Howard Gordon and Brian Grazer, who put together the original 24, are in the midst of discussions to craft a new incarnation of the series that is “more anthological” while still built around the real-time ticking clock storytelling device. This new reboot doesn’t yet have a series order let alone a creative team, but it sounds like there’s interest on the side of Fox to keep this franchise alive no matter what.


Image via Fox

It’s possible that an anthology format would better suit 24. Maybe just keep the “ticking clock” as the keystone of the series and tell different, diverse stories each season. Gordon and another 24 alum Alex Gansa went and created a very different kind of anti-terrorism show at Showtime, Homeland, and that series has done a nice job of evolving each season to keep things fresh. 

One thing audiences don’t seem to be in the mood for is torture-tactic terrorist hunting. 24 was very much a show of the post-9/11 world, and it received criticism for its portrayal of torture tactics on the part of Jack Bauer. It’s 2017. Times have changed, and so should 24. That’s something that 24: Legacy didn’t seem to understand, and if Fox really wants the franchise to live on, they’ve got to let it evolve.