24 Movie May Start Filming Next Spring

     December 5, 2011


A feature film adaptation of the Fox series 24 has been promised for quite some time now. Originally the plan was to head into the movie directly after the show’s final season, but it’s been a bit of a tough road to production with numerous stops and starts. Deadline now reports that things have picked back up once again and the goal is to start filming after star Kiefer Sutherland’s availability opens up next April. Fox passed on the original script by Billy Ray (Shattered Glass), but the latest draft by Mark Bomback (The Wolverine) is set to be turned in by the end of the year, after which the search will begin for a director.

Tony Scott was previously attached to direct, but he’s no longer involved. Producer Brian Grazer and the studio have “about five directors in mind” to take over the job, though Deadline doesn’t specify who they’re looking at. The original take had Jack Bauer heading to Europe, but we don’t know if Bomback’s take maintains that general plotline or takes the film in another direction. Whether or not this spring start date will stick is anyone’s guess, but as of now everyone’s favorite torturer seems poised to grace the silver screen sooner rather than later.

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