The 24 Movie Is Possibly Taking Shape Again

     September 1, 2014


Could Jack Bauer finally, really, truly be coming to the big screen?  Maybe!  Talk of a 24 movie has been bubbling since deep into the Fox show’s run, as star Kiefer Sutherland and those involved behind the scenes have been keen on transporting Bauer’s ass-kicking and name-taking to movie theaters.  Movement began in earnest after the show’s series finale in 2010, but producer Brian Grazer and 20th Century Fox failed to get the film going after numerous drafts by screenwriters like Billy Ray and Mark Bomback, and even filing through directors such as Tony Scott and Antoine Fuqua.  It appeared that a movie wasn’t meant to be, and as Sutherland and Co. saw that it probably wasn’t going to happen, they resurrected Bauer in the form of a 12-episode limited series.

Fox’s 24: Live Another Day debuted this past May and garnered solid ratings for Bauer’s return, and now it appears that Imagine Entertainment has been spurred by the miniseries’ success to give the 24 movie another shot.  More after the jump.

24-movie-kiefer-sutherlandThe folks over at TV Line report that Imagine Entertainment is “kicking round” a new 24 movie idea, with Imagine Chairman Brian Grazer apparently high on the new pitch.  The story has yet to be taken to 20th Century Fox so it’s very early days, but Sutherland was more than game to reprise his role as Jack Bauer in 24: Live Another Day, so one imagines he’d jump at the chance to finally get the 24 movie going.

But given what happened during the previous development of the 24 movie, it may be best to not hold one’s breath as far as this new iteration of the film is concerned.  I enjoyed 24 when it was on the air, but found I didn’t have much interest in Live Another Day.  It wasn’t that the miniseries didn’t have the same creative spark as the show—it was actually almost exactly in line with the main series in regards to tone, execution, plot, etc.—it’s just that I’m not sure Jack Bauer is a relevant hero in this current era.  The character and show were very much born out of the post-9/11 world, but they feel a bit out of place nearly 15 years after the show first premiered.

Though maybe that’s just me.  What about you, dear readers?  Are you still interested in a 24 movie after all this time?  If so, who would you like to see direct it?  Sound off in the comments below.


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