2D Glasses: Watch 3D Movies Without the 3D

     April 19, 2011


I remain a 3D agnostic, but I sympathize to the plight of those who suffer headaches at their local cinemas.  Vlogger and renowned nerdfighter Hank Green has the solution: 2D glasses!  The glasses take advantage of a minor technological alteration to enable the wearer to view a 3D projection in two dimensions, resulting in “an elimination of eyeball strain.”

Hit the jump for more on how the glasses work, plus details on how to obtain a pair.

The technology behind 2D glasses is not new, but to my knowledge, this is the first mass production.  Given the constant refrains of the “Post-Converted Blues” we hear around these parts, Lord knows there’s a market!  Green is selling the glasses for $7.99 at 2D-Glasses.com.

Here’s the official description of “How It Works”:

When you watch a 3D movie, there are actually two images being projected onto the screen. That’s why the screen is blurry when you look at it without glasses. In 3D glasses one of the lenses blocks one image and the other lens blocks the other image.

Thus, when you watch a 3D movie each of your eyes are seeing a slightly different image. Your brain combines those images together, creating the illusion of a 3D image.

2D Glasses block the same image with both lenses, so each eye gets the same picture resulting in a 2D image and an elimination of eyeball strain.

Green explains how his wife motivated the entrepreneurial streak in a recent vlog:


Best wishes to the endeavor!


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