3 and a Half Minutes of THE LOSERS Are Online

     April 8, 2010

The Losers movie poster slice.jpg

Warner Bros. has released a 3 and a half minute sizzle reel from director Sylvain White’s The Losers – which stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Zoë Saldana, Chris Evans, Idris Elba, Columbus Short, Oscar Jaenada and Jason Patric.  The clip features all the actors as well as a lot of action.

I caught a press screening tonight of the film and it was better than I expected.   While the movie is a tight 90 something minutes, all the actors have their moments and it’s got plenty of action and humor.  But while everyone was pretty good, Jason Patric was awesome as Max.  He plays the  guy who set up The Losers.  Another surprise about the movie…Chris Evans.  He’s steals a scene or two and had the theater laughing out loud a few times.

Hit the jump for the sizzle reel.  The Losers gets released April 23.

And if you missed the 34 high resolution images I posted earlier today, click here.


The Losers movie poster entire cast

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