3 Exclusive STARGATE UNIVERSE Images Including One Featuring ALIENS!

     March 30, 2010

Stargate Universe image SGU slice.jpg

With Stargate Universe returning this Friday for season 1.5, we’ve been given 3 exclusive images from this week’s episode.  If you’ve been watching the show, one of the images is extremely cool as it’s our first look at aliens on SGU.  While I don’t know if the aliens will be on just one episode, or if this is the beginning of a big storyline, it’s cool to see SGU expand beyond the Destiny ship.

And for those that have heard good things about SGU but haven’t been watching, Syfy is airing the first 10 episodes this Friday leading up to the premiere.  So if you haven’t taken a sick day in awhile…Friday might be a good day to stay home to watch some TV.  Hit the jump to check out the 3 exclusive images and this week’s synopsis.

SGU stars Robert Carlyle, Ming-Na, Louis Ferreira, Elyse Levesque, Alaina Huffman, Brian J. Smith, Jamil Walker Smith, Lou Diamon Phillips and David Blue.  Here’s the trailer for season 1.5.

Episode #111:  SPACE

A transmission glitch with the communication stones sends Col. Young’s consciousness somewhere far from Earth.


Using the communication stones, Col. Everett Young (LOUIS FERREIRA) prepares to file a report to Earth regarding the recent untimely deaths on board the Destiny.  But upon initiating the device, his consciousness is diverted into an unknown being. Worried about the repercussions of the connection, Young puts the communication stones temporarily off limits.

Soon after the malfunction, an alien vessel appears in Destiny’s path and demands surrender. The standoff doesn’t last long. The alien vessel launches an attack and captures Chloe (ELYSE LEVESQUE). Realizing this is more than a coincidence; Col. Young must use the stones again to get aboard the ship and try to rescue Chloe. He quickly realizes, however, Chloe isn’t the only prisoner aboard the ship.

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