3 Movie Clips from SURROGATES Starring Bruce Willis and Radha Mitchell

     September 15, 2009


Disney has released 3 movie clips from their upcoming sci-fi movie “Surrogates”. The three clips go by rather quickly, but the first and third clip features new footage from the movie. If you watch all three, you’ll see Bruce Willis as a Surrogate and then you’ll see him after he’s ditched his robot self. While I’m looking forward to the movie as I’m a sci-fi junkie, the footage isn’t anything special. Judge for yourself after the jump:

Finally, if you missed my edit bay report from “Surrogates”, you can read it here. And next week I’ll have exclusive interviews with Radha Mitchell and director Jonathan Mostow. Until then, enjoy the clips.

And one last thing, we’ve started posting film clips in a new way. Since the site runs pre-roll (it pays for all the bandwidth we use), I’ve started posting all the clips in one video. What that means is, once you push play, you’ll probably have to sit through one commercial and then all the clips will play in order.

Surrogates movie poster.jpg

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