3D CGI NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD Is Coming to Get You, Barbara!

     September 16, 2009


The latest remake news is that “Night of the Living Dead” is now being “remade” as a 3D CGI orgin story titled “Night of the Living Dead: Origins”  The film has been remade a couple of times already thanks to being in the public domain, but this new take aims to  update the tale partially by bringing out the characters’ back stories.  The film will be produced by Simon West (“Con Air”) and directed by newcomer director Zebediah de Soto who aims to make the film into a “American-style anime.”  The film will also use this new technology that the director helped invent named “The Beast”.  You can read all about that along with some other details when you hit the jump.
There isn’t much else to say about the film’s plot since everything that we know so far is in the paragraph above this one.  What is worth talking about though is this new technology that de Soto has invented named “The Beast” along with partner Gus Malliarodakis founded New Golden Digital, a digital effects company which develops cutting-edge hardware and software.

THR’s Heat Vision Blog
tells us that “The duo created and designed a real-time effects system, known as ‘The Beast’, which allows filmmakers the ability to direct CG performances the same way they would direct real live actors.  The aim of the process is to make tennis balls on a stick representing real people or monsters a thing of the past by allowing actors interact with CG elements as if they are tangible.”

When I read this, it sounds kind of like the technology that James Cameron helped develop for “Avatar”.  I think it sounds pretty interesting and I’m curious to see what something that has been done using “The Beast” will look like.  Plus, I give them some props for naming their technology “The Beast” since that is just cool.

I don’t really know who to think about this film.  Do we really need or want to see the characters from “Night of the Living Dead” back stories?  I’m also wondering if the film will eventually lead to that cemetery and that house at some point or if the entire film will just be a prequel of sorts to the classic George Romero film.  I want to say that a prequel story to “Night of the Living Dead” has potential, but I can’t see it for now.


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