4 Awesome New High Resolution Images from TRON LEGACY – From The End of the Line Club in the Movie!

     March 15, 2010

Tron Legacy movie on set in The End of the Line Club slice (2).jpg

Disney has released 4 new high resolution images from Tron Legacy.  The images were all taken in The End of the Line Club in the movie.  If you read/watched my Tron Legacy set report, it makes sense.  But for those that didn’t…The End of the Line Club is one of the locations in the movie and it’s the one I got to visit when I went to Vancouver last June to visit the set.  As you’ll see in the images, the sequel to Tron isn’t some green screen movie.  Not at all.  It surprised me to learn they built a lot of practical sets and The End of the Line Club blew me away with how detailed it was and hopefully you can see that in the images.

But what’s also great about the images is it’s our first real look at Jeff Bridges in costume and you can also see Garrett Hedlund’s costume up close (front and back!).  Also, you can see who original Tron director Steve Lisberger plays in the sequel (a bartender), and you can see some other residents in the Tron Legacy universe that weren’t shown in the trailer.  What I’m trying to say is…the images are awesome and you need to hit the jump!

While I was told not to give away any spoilers in my set report, as you’ll see in the image with the new people in the background and Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund next to two soldiers dressed in black, this sequence unfolds into a big action scene.  I got to see part of it getting filmed and Jeff Bridges eventually gets involved and it was awesome to watch.  Expect a lot more details on Tron Legacy when I can run the full set visit.  Until then…for more on Tron Legacy, here’s some of the other stuff I posted tonight:

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Jeff Bridges On Set Interview

Garrett Hedlund On Set Interview

Steve Lisberger On Set Interview

As always, you can click on any image for a high resolution version.  Up first are the images of the cast and then I’ve been given a bunch of high res images of the crew on the set of The End of the Line Club.

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