5 Movie Clips and 7 TV spots for ZOMBIELAND

     September 24, 2009


Opening on October 2nd is director Ruben Fleischer’s feature debut “Zombieland”. Since I’ve been covering the film extensively here on Collider, you should be very familiar with the movie. But if you missed our previous coverage…here’s my video blog about being on the set in Atlanta and here’s on set interviews with director Ruben Fleischer, Emma Stone, Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson.

Now that I’ve finally seen the finished film, I’m happy to report I laughed my ass off in the theater and I can definitely recommend the movie. Also, the film has one of the best cameos I’ve seen and if you see “Zombieland” with an audience, you’re in for a great time. Anyway, to get you ready for the movie, we’ve been given 5 clips and 7 TV spots. Check them out after the jump:

Here’s the synopsis:

Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) has made a habit of running from what scares him. Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson) doesn’t have fears. If he did, he’d kick their ever-living ass. In a world overrun by zombies, these two are perfectly evolved survivors. But now, they’re about to stare down the most terrifying prospect of all: each other.

5 Movie Clips

7 TV Spots


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