5 Movie Clips from Spike Jonze’s WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE

     October 2, 2009

Where The Wild Things Are Movie image - slice.jpg

With director Spike Jonze’s “Where the Wild Things Are” getting ready for release on October 16th, Warner Bros. has released five clips from the film and they’re after the jump. I saw a screening the other night and thought the movie is an honest look at what it’s like being a kid and not being able to express how you feel. The film isn’t a fantasy, and it isn’t trying to sugar coat what you do when you’re upset at the world. While some are clearly going to have issues with the way Spike chose to make “Where the Wild Things Are”, I was spellbound and loving his universe. Also, I loved the way he had characters not say things when other movies would have tons of exposition. Many of his choices are unorthodox, and as an avid moviegoer and a fan of his work, I think he made a great film. Anyway, after the jump are five clips, take a look.

Finally, I’ll have interviews with the cast online soon. Check back for those.

And one last thing, we’ve started posting film clips in a new way. Since the site runs pre-roll (it pays for all the bandwidth), we’ve started posting all the clips in one video. What that means is, once you push play, you’ll probably have to sit through one commercial and then all the clips will play in order.

And here’s some images from the movie. Some of them were just released.

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