6 Movie Clips from PUSH

     January 25, 2009

Written by Jonah Keel

This week while Collider’s own Frosty was busy at Sundance, I attended both the press screening of Push –starring Chris Evans and Dakota Fanning—and the press junket featuring Evans and Fanning as well as stars Djimon Hounsou and Camilla Belle. The interviews will be up later this week, be sure to check them out as the stars discuss working on Push as well as future projects including Scott Pilgrim and God of War. In the meantime though, Summit has provided Collider with several clips from the film which opens February 6th. While I can’t give you my full review of the film until the 5th, you can view these clips and get a good sense of what I feel will be one of themost funsuperhero films of the year.

Push is set in a world not unlike our own, but populated by individuals possessing mental powers including telekinesis and clairvoyancy. These individuals are often sought out by shadow agencies within their governments who have intentions of turning these individuals into weapons. When one of these super-powered individuals escapes captivity, events are set in motion that could have grave consequences for every one involved as well as the world at large.

What sets Push apart from other superhero fantasies is that it is grounded in our own reality. Most of the powers featured–though given names like moving, shading, and watching– have a scientific base on phenomenon in our own world. Director Paul McGuigan takes these superpowers we’ve seen before to and uses them in spectacular new ways and to great effect. As can be seen in the following clips, McGuigan also focused on practical and mechanical effects as opposed to CG effects which have become—in my mind—an all too frequent and all too ineffective crutch of many films over the past several years. Check out these clips and see for yourself, and be sure to check out my full review soon.

Clip 1 – Fish market

Clip 2 – I don’t have a brother

Clip 3 – Relieved of duty

Clip 4 – Telekinetic gunfight

Clip 5 – You are a crappy artist

Clip 6 – Psychic showdown

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