6 Movie Clips: GOOD HAIR

     February 9, 2009

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

Another of the many movies that premiered at this year’s Sundance Film festival was the Chris Rock documentary “Good Hair”. The film is a look at the complicated world of hair in the African American community and the amount of time and money people spend getting it just right.

The film was actually inspired by one of his daughters when she said she didn’t like her hair. Once he committed to doing the project, Chris spent almost two-years going around the world filming with some of the people from “The Chris Rock Show”. He traveled to Beverly Hills, Harlem, Dallas, India, and the home of the Bronner Brothers Hair Show – Atlanta. Along the way he interviewed celebrities like Nia Long, Megan Goode, Lauren London, Sally Richardson, Sarah Jones, Reverend Al Sharpton and poet Maya Angelou.The documentary was not only funny, but very insightful.

As of now I don’t know what the plans are for distribution, but with HBO Films having financed the movie, worst case would be “Good Hair” playing on HBO eventually.

Anyway, in the coming days I’ll be posting my exclusive interviews with Chris and executive producer Nelson George, but until then, here are six clips from the movie.

clips removed by request

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