This ‘6 Underground’ Goof Reveals Ryan Reynolds Is in Two Places at Once

     December 14, 2019


Welp, it looks like someone has already spotted a goof in Michael Bay‘s latest action flick, 6 Underground. The Netflix release stars Ryan ReynoldsMélanie LaurentManuel Garcia-RuffoCorey HawkinsBen HardyAdria Arjona, and Dave Franco as members of a covert task force working to depose a Middle Eastern dictator and install a more democratic leader.

As revealed on Reddit by u/thejokerjackson, the big mistake reveals Reynolds to be in two places at once during the high-octane chase sequence at the beginning of the film. The mistake happens towards the end of the nearly 20-minute sequence which features the characters played by Reynolds, Franco, Laurent, and Arjona weaving through the streets of Florence, Italy while evading mobsters. At one point, a car is seen flipping over in mid-air and the camera cuts to reveal the street behind it. For a very brief second, you can spot a figure in dark clothing standing against a red wall. Take a look here:

In 6 Underground (2019) at 14:42 you can see Ryan Reynolds recording a video for his social media from MovieDetails

The Reddit screenshot matches perfectly with a promotional video Reynolds shot for 6 Underground while on the set back in September 2018. Very much meant to be a jokey promotion for the flick, Reynolds spends the entire video explaining what the movie is about as a means of building hype. The punchline to the video, however, is you can barely hear Reynolds explain 6 Underground because of the very loud stunt of the same car doing a flip in the air happening behind him. Reynolds is wearing the same clothes and standing next to the same red wall in his Instagram video, giving some credence to u/thejokerjackson’s evidence of the mistake.

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In the world of movie mistakes, it’s a surprise this one got noticed because it’s truly so quick you risk missing it altogether. But, in the world of mistakes in Michael Bay movies, it’s arguably par for the course.

6 Underground is currently available to stream on Netflix. For more, check out the review of the Michael Bay pic from Collider’s own Matt Goldberg.

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