7 Movie Clips from THE WOLFMAN Starring Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt and Hugo Weaving

     January 29, 2010

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Opening on February 12 is director Joe Johnston’s The Wolfman.  Starring Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt and Hugo Weaving, the film has been the subject of a lot of chatter on the internet.  The reason is due to the reshoots on the film, and the fact that Universal has tested two versions to see which one plays better.  Even the music has been the subject of online articles as Danny Elfman was originally doing the score.  Then he was replaced by Paul Haslinger and then he was brought back.  So…it’s no surprise everyone is speculating if the movie is a train wreck or something cool.

While the film doesn’t show to the press for another week, I’ve spoken to a few people that saw the film and they all said it was good.  We’ll all know soon if they were telling me the truth.  Thankfully, Universal has provided us with seven clips from The Wolfman, so you can judge the footage for yourself after the jump.

Here are the seven clips and further down is the official synopsis:

As always, are the clips are in the player below.  Once you push play you might have to watch a pre-roll ad and then all the clips will play in order.  Sorry about the pre-roll, it pays for the bandwidth.


Inspired by the classic Universal film that launched a legacy of horror, The Wolfman brings the myth of a cursed man back to its iconic origins.  Oscar® winner Benicio Del Toro stars as Lawrence Talbot, a haunted nobleman lured back to his family estate after his brother vanishes.  Reunited with his estranged father (Oscar® winner Anthony Hopkins), Talbot sets out to find his brother…and discovers a horrifying destiny for himself.

Lawrence Talbot’s childhood ended the night his mother died.  After he left the sleepy Victorian hamlet of Blackmoor, he spent decades recovering and trying to forget.  But when his brother’s fiancée, Gwen Conliffe (Emily Blunt), tracks him down to help find her missing love, Talbot returns home to join the search.  He learns that something with brute strength and insatiable bloodlust has been killing the villagers, and that a suspicious Scotland Yard inspector named Aberline (Hugo Weaving) has come to investigate.

As he pieces together the gory puzzle, he hears of an ancient curse that turns the afflicted into werewolves when the moon is full.  Now, if he has any chance at ending the slaughter and protecting the woman he has grown to love, Talbot must destroy the vicious creature in the woods surrounding Blackmoor.  But as he hunts for the nightmarish beast, a simple man with a tortured past will uncover a primal side to himself…one he never imagined existed.

Joe Johnston (Jurassic Park III) directs The Wolfman, and six-time Oscar®-winning special effects artist Rick Baker brings his design and makeup talents to transform Del Toro into the fearsome title character.

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