Posters for HARRY POTTER, IRON MAN, 300, JURASSIC PARK and More Get the 8-Bit Treatment

     April 2, 2012


Sure, the whole Google Maps 8-bit for NES thing might haven been an April Fool’s gag, but there’s something wonderfully timeless about the 8-bit era, when there was a limited color palette and characters moved around realms without bending their knees.  Not only is it still quite fun to pop in a Nintendo cartridge (in my case, with a Game Genie still attached), but 8-bit gaming has evolved into an art form and artist Eric Palmer is embracing it, using the 8-bit style to put a new spin on some iconic films.  Some examples are Jurassic Park, 300, Harry Potter, Office Space, Star Wars and The Matrix. Hit the jump to check them out.

In true 8-bit fashion, Palmer uses the limited choice of colors to not only offer up some vibrant images, but to give each design its own unique tone. Personally, I wouldn’t have minded seeing Palmer make use of some of that blank space in his images, but regardless, you really can’t help but to look at these and not crack a smile courtesy of the reverence for any good throwback. The 300 poster in particular is rather amusing and as a diehard Jurassic Park fan, the T-rex and toilet duo is a big winner. Have a look at the posters below and check out Behance to see more:










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