8 New High Resolution Images from THE KARATE KID

     March 11, 2010


Sony has released 8 new images from The Karate Kid and you can check them out in high resolution after the jump.  Starring Jackie Chan as the Mr. Miyagi character and Jaden Smith (Will Smith’s son) as the kid who needs help, the film looks to make serious coin this summer as the test screenings have been through the roof.  The buzz I’m hearing is the film works on all levels.  While we all know the plot:

Kid moves to new city, tries to fit in, meets cute girl, gets beat up by dickish martial arts student, learns karate from wise, unassuming instructor, and goes on to be the best, forever, and no one’s ever gonna bring him down.

I think more of you are going to end up watching this than you’re letting on.  Hit the jump for the images.  And thanks to Matt for that synopsis.

click on any image for a high res version

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