A Ben Stiller Tweet Reveals ZOOLANDER 2 Might Not Happen

     May 2, 2010

It looks like Derek Zoolander is so not hot right now.  Even though Ben Stiller is ready to make the sequel happen, the green light (and paper) needs to come from the suits at Paramount.  Similar to our report on the fate of our favorite chauvinistic anchorman, studio financing is not looking too good for the male model.

A recent update from Ben Stiller’s twitter (via DarkHorizons) revealed that the potential size of the budget seems to be the reason we might not be getting to see Derek challenge Hansel to another walk-off: “Ron Burgundy and Derek Zoolander looking to appear in sequels. Both men destitute, without means or intellect to fund their own comebacks.”

We all know how Hollywood works by now. This doesn’t mean the project is necessarily dead. Let’s hope that this is just a minor speed bump on the catwalk to Zoolander 2.

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