A Collider Holiday Contest

     December 29, 2007

I meant to get this contest up days ago. Actually, I wanted to post it before Christmas and offer it as a nice holiday treat to all the readers of the site. But news kept on happening, and I just never found the time to post it. But now, on a slow Saturday afternoon, I have a few moments to offer all of you some cool free stuff.

Here’s the deal:

Anyone can win. Doesn’t matter what country you live in, if you win, I’ll send it to you. But I mail on the cheap…so if you live in another country… it might take some time for you to get it.

If you’ve entered a previous contest…things will be slightly different with this one and all subsequent contests in the future. You see, I used to say if you email me a reason why you should win, it might help you out. But after the last 2 contests – where I got a lot more entries than I’ve ever received – I realized that a lot more of you are reading the site and I can’t pick one story over another. So I’m just going to pick random entries as the winners. I’ll ask someone to pick some numbers and based on when you enter you might win. It’ll be as random and fair as possible.

So how can you enter? Send an email to TheColliderMailbox@gmail.com

In the headline say “Collider Contest 12.31.07”

In the body of the email you need to have two things: First is your address, and second is what item you want. If you don’t include what I just said, I’m going to delete your entry….so please don’t forget. As always, you can only enter once… if I get more than one entry you’ll be disqualified.

And most important – this contest is open until January 7th at noon Pacific Time. I will email the winners that day to let you know you won.

Finally, next to each item is how many I have to giveaway. Of course I need to say thank you to the various PR companies who have made this contest possible. Finally, some of these items have already been sent to me and some haven’t. I’ll mail the winners once I’ve received everything, as I only want to go to the post office once.

And now…what you can win.

The O.C. The Complete Series – (1 copy)

Yup, all 4 season in one box set! Retails for $200!

A SIRIUS Sportster 4 radio the new Bruce Springsteen CD Magic – (1 copy)

To help promote the new 24/7 channel E Street Radio, dedicated to the music of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, I’ve been offered a SIRIUS Sportster 4 radio the new Bruce Springsteen CD Magic. I only have one of these…

Plus, if you didn’t know,

SIRIUS Offers Free Online Trial of Entire Network

In September SIRIUS Satellite Radio announced the return of E Street Radio, an exclusive commercial-free channel dedicated to the music of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. The return of E Street Radio coincided with the band’s 2007 concert tour and the October 2nd release of Magic, Bruce Springsteen’s new studio recording and his first with the E Street Band in five years. E Street Radio will air on SIRIUS channel 10 through late March 2008. Right now SIRIUS is offering a free, online trial of the entire. Visit www.sirius.com/estreetradio for details.

Death Sentence DVD – (4 copies)

Street Date Jan 8th

The hardcore story of one man’s quest for vengeance and justice featuring thrill-a-second action and pulse-pounding stunts, Death Sentence arrives in an all-new Unrated Edition DVD January 8th from Fox Home Entertainment. Kevin Bacon (Mystic River, Hollow Man) stars as Nick Hume, an everyday family man living a stable, comfortable life – a good job, a loving wife and two teenage boys. But when a gang initiation takes the life of his eldest son in the blink of an eye, Hume’s perfect life comes to a screeching halt.

The Riches DVD – Season One – (3 copies)

Street Date Jan 8th

Why work to live the American dream when you can just steal it? Corruption moves into the neighborhood on January 8th when The Riches – Season One debuts on DVD from Fox Home Entertainment.

An intimate look at a family that is less than ordinary, The Riches is a “unique and intoxicating” (San Francisco Chronicle) drama featuring superb performances from Emmy-winner Eddie Izzard and Oscar-nominee Minnie Driver, who most recently received a 2007 Emmy nod, Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series, for her performance in “The Riches.”

Wayne and Dahlia Malloy (Izzard and Driver) and their three children are a family of on-the-run travelers who live their lives conning and scamming the unsuspecting, greedy “buffers” of the world. However one day – in a darkly comedic, yet fortuitous twist of fate – an opportunity presents itself, allowing The Malloys to escape from their past by pulling off the con of all cons, join the enemy and become “The Riches.” Little did The Riches know that while life on the road may have been hard, that was nothing compared to life as law abiding citizens in an affluent gated community!

The Riches – Season One four-disc DVD set includes all 13 episodes from the critically-acclaimed first season and features audio commentaries from Izzard and creator Dmitry Lipkin, webisodes, a gag reel and more.

Sunshine DVD – (5 copies)

Street Date Jan 8th

In the year 2057, the sun is dying and mankind with it, but even the coldest reaches of space burn with the heat of humanity’s will to survive in the thrilling sci-fi adventure Sunshine, launching onto DVD January 8th from Fox Home Entertainment. Sunshine follows a daring crew of eight men and women as they boldly fight against the inevitable by striving for the impossible: to deliver a device into the heart of the sun in an attempt to breathe new life into the star. Helmed by visionary director Danny Boyle (28 Days Later, Trainspotting), who injects the genre with a shot of adrenaline and human pathos by exploring both the depths of space and the heights of heroism, Sunshine has been hailed as

Fighting against all odds for the survival of the human race is an all-star cast that includes Cillian Murphy (Batman Begins), Chris Evans (Fantastic Four), Michelle Yeoh (Memoirs Of A Geisha) and Rose Byrne (Marie Antoinette). But when the crew stumbles across a distress beacon from a spaceship lost years before, their journey into the unknown becomes even more harrowing, and their reach for the supreme star grows all the more perilous. Sunshine DVD features deleted scenes, director commentary, and two short films.

Joshua DVD – (5 copies)

Street Date Jan 8th

Joshua, the psychological thriller that gives horror a terrifying new name, arriving on DVD January 8th from Fox Home Entertainment. Honored at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival, where it garnered the Best Cinematography Award, as one of the smartest and most shockingly suspenseful thrillers, Joshua follows an upscale American family faced with an inner source of horror. Celebrating the birth of their second child, the Cairn’s seem to have the perfect family life with a breathtaking apartment, their newborn daughter and nine-year-old prodigy son Joshua (Jacob Kogan.) Exceptionally intelligent and frighteningly precocious, Joshua quickly grows unhappy with his parents continual doting on his baby sister. The veneer of their polished lives begins to crack, as a series of eerie coincidences find the family wrapped up in an escalating chain of domestic terror. Is the cause of their torment an unimaginably evil mind? Could it be Joshua who, like his Biblical namesake, is bringing the house tumbling down around his family?

From director George Ratliff (Hell House), Joshua stars Sam Rockwell (The Assassination Of Jesse James), Vera Farmiga (The Departed) and Michael McKean (This Is Spinal Tap.) DVD Special Features include audio Commentary by writer/director George Ratliff and writer David Gilbert, six deleted scenes, cast and crew interviews, and the never-before-seen video for Dave Matthews’ “Fly”.

Carmen Electra Aerobic Striptease DVDs – In the Bedroom and Vegas Strip – (5 copies)

If you enter for these DVDs, you win both

Carmen Electra has made two striptease DVDs. If you’d like to know more, I recommend reading Clayton’s review that we ran not too long ago. He thoroughly enjoyed the DVDs. But here’s the official info:

Carmen’s back and bringing total body fitness to the sexiest room in the house in Carmen Electra’s Aerobic Striptease: In the Bedroom. A follow-up to her top selling fitness series, In the Bedroom combines body-sculpting dance moves with sultry stretches and toning exercises you can perform on or around your own bed.

Aerobic Striptease comes to the city that is famous for its “Strip” – in more ways than one – in Carmen’s Electra’s Aerobic Striptease: Vegas Strip. Combining hip, easy-to-perform, dance moves, burlesque and, of course, striptease, Carmen works you through an energetic routine that focuses on strengthening your body and building your confidence.

Pearl Harbor – Blu-Ray DVD – (2 copies)

To help promote Blu-Ray, I’ve been given 2 copies of Michael Bay’s Pearl Harbor to giveaway. While not his best work…they are free.

For More Information on Blu-Ray visit: www.bluraydisc.com

Blu-ray is a next generation disc format for 1080p high definition content. If you want to get the best in high definition for you Hi-def TV you want to get Blu-ray.

Here are the key benefits of Blu-ray:

  • Up to 6x better resolution than DVD
  • Progressive scanning delivers a smoother image than interlaced and stays sharper during motion
  • High Definition sound, up to 7.1 channels of lossless high definition audio for a superior listening experience.
  • Regular DVDs play on all existing Blu-ray Disc players
  • Over 170 companies support Blu-ray, therefore more Hollywood movies and the top blockbusters are available on Blu-ray
  • 5x more capacity than DVD and 66% more than HD DVD allowing for more space for higher quality audio, video and interactive content

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