Why Collider Stands in Solidarity With “A Day Without a Woman”

     March 8, 2017


The world would come to a standstill without women—and so would Collider. Today, on International Women’s Day, thousands of women and their allies across the globe will go on strike to raise awareness for the fight against bigotry and inequality. Joining them will be many of Collider’s own employees and readers. Collider stands in solidarity with the strike and the women who are unable to strike. In lieu of going dark for the day, we will be posting content that highlights the incredible contributions women have made (and continue to make) in the entertainment industry, despite still being frustratingly underrepresented, whether that’s outstanding work in writing, directing, acting or other below the line efforts.

The wage gap between white men and the worst-paid women—Latina and Native women—means that the latter effectively begin working for free at 12:32 pm each day, according to statistics from the American Association of University Women. To call attention to this injustice, many women at Collider and Complex, as well as their male supporters, will leave the office at 1:19 to participate in marches and service projects benefitting female-focused charities and causes. Collider will continue posting content throughout the day, but would like to make clear that we actively support the strike and its aims.

When millions of us stood together in January at the historic women’s march, we saw clearly that our army of love greatly outnumbers the forces of fear, greed and hatred. Let’s raise our voices together again to make it clear: Women’s rights are human rights.

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