A DEADLY ADOPTION: The 5 Best Things About Lifetime’s Bizarre Movie

     June 22, 2015


If there is a point to Lifetime’s A Deadly Adoption, and I’m not conceding that there is, its core would be in the strange challenge of dullness and being forgettable. The film, which clocks in at a not-so-swift 84 minutes, casts Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig as Robert and Sarah Benson, a wealthy couple who take in a pregnant girl in anticipation of adopting the boy she’s expecting, which is, from the outset, an exceedingly promising proposal. One might expect that even if the entire production didn’t function like a parody, at least Ferrell and Wiig would find a way to underline a sense of comic anxiety in these rote caricatures, but that’s not the case. A Deadly Adoption is, for lack of a better phrase, as sober as a judge in tone, and the result is a genuinely odd watching experience, one where every line and gesticulation can be analyzed for evidence of self-awareness or sardonicism. On the whole, A Deadly Adoption seems like an attempt at no-wave filmmaking, one that doesn’t really succeed on the whole but nevertheless, there are a few elements of this poker-faced action-melodrama worth discussing.