‘A Discovery of Witches’ Will Air on AMC and BBC America

     February 9, 2019

a-discovery-of-witches-teresa-palmer-matthew-goodeThanks to its gangbusters performance on streaming, A Discovery of Witches is now moving to cable, becoming available to a wider audience this April. According to AMC, the series not only helped increase subscribers to the SVOD service Sundance Now, but had a “30x increase in the streams of any previous premiere during its first week.” So in addition to being available on Sundance Now and Shudder, the show will premiere on AMC and BBC America alongside the second season of Killing Eve.

A Discovery of Witches stars Matthew Goode and Teresa Palmer, and explores a world where “witches, vampires and daemons secretly live and work alongside humans, hidden in plain sight.” In her review of Season 1, Andrea Reiher wrote that it’s more than just Twilight for grown-ups, which gives “this adaptation of Deborah Harkness‘ All Souls trilogy a leg up on the popular YA series by Stephenie Meyer. The stakes are higher and the action is more intense […] The show is also significantly sexier, scarier and more stylish than the Twilight films. The bottom line is, give A Discovery of Witches a chance. It gets off to a solid start, and the promise of time-travel in the subsequent books is intriguing for the upcoming Seasons 2 and 3. Given its many charms, it just may be the next show to cast its spell over viewers.”

The show moving from streaming to cable (though for now its subsequent seasons will continue to debut on streaming) could be part of a trend where networks test out content in a SVOD space and, if popular, move it to its main channels. AMC and BBC America are already seeing some of that corporate synergy given the success of Killing Eve Season 1, as Season 2 will be simulcast on both channels, which A Discovery of Witches will be paired with.

For those who missed it the first time around, you can check the series out on AMC and BBC America Sunday, April 7th.