A Fistful of News

     October 25, 2009


Throughout our day, we here at Collider find neat little stories and we want to share them with you.  The problem is that each individual story is too small to warrant a full article.  But together as a delightful grab bag, it’s the perfect gift from us to you.  It’s a revolutionary concept but what can we say?  We’re trailblazers.

We have 6 delightful stories after the jump for your viewing pleasure.

Jock, co-creator of “The Losers” comic book designed an unofficial poster for the film.  I think it’s a nice meeting between what the characters look like in the books and the actors playing those characters. [LA Times]

Artist Ryan Dunlavey has mixed popular movie and comic properties with the Sunday funnies and come up with some amusing results.  Below is “Spider-Man” foe Kraven the Hunter playing Calvinball from “Calvin and Hobbes”.


Click here to see the rest.

Want to dress up as America’s favorite serial killer for Halloween?  Pick up the Dexter costume at Showtime’s online store.

Summit has debuted the title treatment for “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse”.  That’s how popular the series is.  They debuted what the title looks like.  This was considered worthy of an unveiling.


Desden Codak has devised a chart of the 42 Essential 3rd Act Twists.  Note the categories “Shyamalan” and the “Double Shyamalan”.

Area Man Has Far Greater Knowledge Of Marvel Universe Than Own Family Tree [The Onion]

It’s almost Halloween so would you like to see 50 Illustrated Horror Movie Posters?  Of course you would.


I like your costume so here’s another 50.

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