Get Your Silence On with ‘A Quiet Place’ Double Feature in Theaters

     February 28, 2020

I saw 2018’s A Quiet Place, a nerve-shattering, emotional, family-driven horror-adventure film from director/star John Krasinski and star Emily Blunt, in theaters. And it was a wild experience — if you didn’t know, the central engine of A Quiet Place is that the post-apocalyptic monsters are attracted to noise, meaning that if you want to stay alive, you must stay silent. Thus, much the film’s scares play out in silence — meaning our packed house sat the most attentively I’ve ever experienced in a movie theater.

And now, in anticipation for the upcoming sequel, A Quiet Place Part II, Paramount Pictures has announced they will be screening a double feature of the two films on March 18 — two days before the general release of the sequel. If you’ve not seen the first film in theaters, not seen it ever, seen it and want to relive the experience, or want a handy refresher before the second installment, this is your perfect chance.


Image via Paramount Pictures

The first film will start at 7pm local time in many theaters across the nation, with Part II starting at 9pm. This special double feature will only be screening at Dolby Cinema and Premium Large Format theaters — so if you’ve ever wanted to see a newspaper headline reading “It’s noise!” in IMAX resolution, this is your chance. Plus: Lucky attendees “will receive an exclusive 11×17 collectors print, created especially for this one-night event.” If you’re a fan of this budding franchise, this special double feature event feels like the way to experience it.

Here’s the intel on how you can nab your A Quiet Place double feature tickets on March 18. For more on the horror flicks, check out the latest trailer of the sequel. Plus: How Krasinski and Blunt were convinced to return to this world. 

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