A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS TV Show Trailer Teases Lemony Snicket on Netflix [Updated]

     July 6, 2015


[Update: It turns out this teaser trailer is actually fan-made, so bravo to whoever put this thing together.]

We only first found out about Netflix’s plan to turn Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events into a TV series back in November, but apparently the show’s already got a teaser trailer. The series of children’s novels centers on Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire. When their parents pass, they’re sent to live with Count Olaf who’s really after their inheritance.

This A Series of Unfortunate Events teaser isn’t on the official Netflix YouTube channel, but it does live on one that belongs to Eleanora Poe. For all we know, this could be a fan channel, but she is the fictional editor-in-chief of The Daily Punctilio in Snicket’s books, so perhaps Netflix could add more content to this channel viral-style. As for the authenticity of the teaser itself, I’d find it very hard to believe that this video isn’t the real deal. The visuals are highly detailed and far eerier than I expected, and the piece as a whole has a fantastic, unsettling atmosphere. I’m not much of a Snicket fan, but this video certainly has me eager to see his work in Netflix form.

There’s still no word on when A Series of Unfortunate Events will debut, but if this teaser marks the start of the promotional campaign, hopefully an official announcement will come soon.

Here’s the description of the first book of the series, The Bad Beginning: Or, Orphans!, via Amazon:

Are you made fainthearted by death? Does fire unnerve you? Is a villain something that might crop up in future nightmares of yours? Are you thrilled by nefarious plots? Is cold porridge upsetting to you? Vicious threats? Hooks? Uncomfortable clothing?


It is likely that your answers will reveal A Series of Unfortunate Events to be ill-suited for your personal use. A librarian, bookseller, or acquaintance should be able to suggest books more appropriate for your fragile temperament. But to the rarest of readers we say, “Proceed, but cautiously.”