A SERIOUS MAN Officially Kicks Off Oscar Season with First “For Your Consideration” Ad

     November 3, 2009


After deciding that “Yo, Give Us an Oscar” was a bad way to kick-start an awards marketing campaign for a film, studios went with what are known as “For Your Consideration” ads which usually appear in the print versions of “Variety” and “The Hollywood Reporter”.  I always find it interesting to see which films think they’re good enough for an Oscar and which ones are completely delusional.  However, the first one out the gate, “A Serious Man” is already a strong contender.  And while this ad may not have the words “For Your Consideration” stamped across the top, we’ll be seeing those ads soon enough.  Seriously.

Hit the jump to check out the ad and we’ll be bringing you more of the standouts as award season heats up.

AwardsDaily has the market cornered on collecting these and we’ll be sure to always credit them as we pick through the ads we think are best.


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