Aaron Eckhart Interview BATTLE: LOS ANGELES; Plus He Almost Reveals His Next Project (It’s C.I.A. Related)

     October 21, 2010

At this year’s Scream Awards, I was able to interview Aaron Eckhart on the red carpet before the show.  Since all red carpet interviews are never enough time, I decided to focus on one his next movies that I’m very excited to see: Battle: Los Angeles.  While we haven’t written much about Battle: L.A. since Comic-Con, with a March 2011 release date, this is a film whose promotional campaign is getting ready to gear up and we’re going to be writing about the film a lot over the next few months.  I did a set visit on Battle: L.A. and can tell you with certainty it’s a film you should be excited to see.  I know the teaser trailer is attached to 20th Century Fox’s Unstoppable, so in only a few weeks we’ll all get to see the first footage.

Anyway, during the interview Eckhart talked about filming Battle: Los Angeles and what he did to prepare to play a member of the military.  He also talked about his reaction to seeing the film and he almost reveals his next project.  He starts to say C.I.A. and then his agent made him stop talking.  Hit the jump to check out what he had to say:

Aaron Eckhart

  • I ask him about how the film feels real and how he was very intense on set. Talks about how he was intense 24/7 and how he thinks people appreciate when actors “go to the wall” when making a movie
  • How did he prepare to make the film
  • 2:18 – Has he done ADR on the film and what was his reaction
  • 2:33 – I try and find out what he’s working on next. He started telling me and then his publicist made him stop. He did say C.I.A….so it’s something in that world…


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