Aaron Paul on ‘The Path’ Season 2 & Jesse Pinkman’s Possible Arrival on ‘Better Call Saul’

     January 25, 2017


The Hulu original series The Path is back for Season 2, following the Meyerist Movement as it struggles to make sense of Doctor Meyer’s mysterious departure. At the same time, Eddie (Aaron Paul) is tormented by strange visions he’s trying to understand while finding his way in the secular world again, and Sarah (Michelle Monaghan) and Cal (Hugh Dancy) have joined forces as the co-Guardians of the Light, which leads them both to do some dark things in the name of the Movement.

While at the Hulu portion of the TCA Press Tour, Collider spoke to actor Aaron Paul for this 1-on-1 interview about how he changed his approach for Season 2, his character’s journey, the roller coaster ride of emotions, all of the new tension, and how excited he is to see where a possible Season 3 might go. He also talked about the chances of his Breaking Bad character, Jesse Pinkman, showing up on Better Call Saul and why he’d like to make an appearance. Be aware that there are some spoilers discussed.

Collider: After where everything was left in Season 1, when you found out you’d be returning for Season 2, was there anything you most interested in knowing about?


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AARON PAUL: It’s impossible not to wonder and have your mind wander, so I would ask questions. With the first season, I was banging on their doors ‘cause I could not wait to read these scripts. We were blessed with having so many scripts at the beginning of the first season and we were so deep in it. With Season 2, it was a little different. We just got two scripts at a time because we were shooting in blocks, but I didn’t want anything to be spoiled. I was that far into it that I didn’t want to look too far ahead. I did the same thing with Breaking Bad. At first, you want to know everything, but then you don’t. You want to let it slowly marinate. And that’s how I was with this show. I think I, at least, know where the endgame is, for the entire series. How we’re gonna get there, I’m not sure, but it’s going to be an interesting journey.

Did you have an idea of what this character’s journey would be, this season?

PAUL: I always knew that he was going to break away from the Movement and see what life was like on the outside. Strangely enough, the denier of the group, for some reason, has the most powerful calling. The entire second season, he is fighting that calling and desperately trying to ignore it. But then, he starts getting used to it and has to try to figure out what he’s going to do with that information.

Do you think the fact that Eddie can really see things from each side would ultimately make him a better leader than Cal?

PAUL: I think so. Maybe. I don’t want to give away too much information, but I’ll just say that Eddie goes through a wild roller coaster ride of emotions and ups and downs, living life on the outside. He’s the only one of the group that’s beyond those gates. I feel it, when I go to work. I put myself in Eddie’s shoes, and he is the outsider. I was blessed to work with all of these amazing characters in Season 1, almost every day, but in Season 2, he’s stripped away from all of that, which was done very purposefully. It’s interesting to feel that, in real life.

How does Eddie feel about the Meyerist Movement, at this point?

PAUL: Even at the very beginning of the series, there was that unspoken tension between Cal and Eddie. Eddie always knew that Cal was in love with Sarah. Sarah had this thing with Cal, and Eddie came in and swooped her off of her feet. Maybe Cal was man enough to accept that and that was fine, but deep down, things were brewing. At the beginning of Season 2, he just doesn’t believe that Cal should be the leader of this particular Movement. He knows his ego is getting in the way of certain things. At the core of Meyerism, there is a beautiful message, but things get dicey when you look at the leadership roles. When you look at the charismatic, charming man who’s leading the Movement and leading the followers into the light, that’s when it gets a little scary. He’s a hypocrite, but he does it very well.

How much more difficult is it for Eddie to see his son, Hawk, form a relationship with Cal?


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PAUL: For me, it’s not typical to play, at all. It just adds such an interesting layer to the character development. And Cal knows what he’s doing. He’s taking on that fatherly role because Eddie is no longer around, and that just pisses Eddie off.

As Eddie sees changes in Sarah, does he blame Cal for that, or does he think Sarah is responsible for her own actions?

PAUL: I think he just blames the Movement, in general. It’s hard for him to separate the Movement from Cal because that’s what he knows. But the fact that Cal is now the co-Guardian of the Light, Eddie knows that is just such a terrible idea.

Do you think he’d like to get back together with Sarah and have his family back?

PAUL: Absolutely! I think he really loves Sarah, but now there’s the Cal of it all.

Since you didn’t want to be spoiled, how did you feel, once you got to the end of the season, and found out where it all lead?

PAUL: I love this journey. I’m so curious to see where we’re going to begin, in Season 3. I’m very excited. There’s the tug-of-war, back-and-forth with where Eddie is at, and then where he lands at the end of the season. I don’t want to give anything away, but there’s a crazy journey that he goes on. I wouldn’t say he comes full circle, but he’s much more clear-headed and with a very powerful driving force.

With another season of Better Call Saul coming up in April, are you any closer to making an appearance on that show, at some point?


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PAUL: I know that they will do it, if they find an appropriate way to do it. It’s not like I’m banging on their door, but it would be awesome. I saw all of them at the AFI luncheon, and I was joking around with (co-creator) Peter [Gould] saying, “When are we going to do this wardrobe fitting? I’m just waiting!” He just laughed. It would be nice, if it were to happen. I’m such a fan of that show, and I see all of these returning characters come back, which is so great. When I saw my dear friend, Max Arciniega, who play Krazy-8, come back, it just made me so happy. And that was a throwback to the very beginning of the series. The issue at hand is that it’s a prequel and Jesse would be much younger, but if Krazy-8 can come back, why can’t Jesse? So, I don’t know.

New episodes of Season 2 of The Path are available to stream on Hulu on Wednesdays.

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