Seth Meyers Takes on Aaron Sorkin Parodies with His Own Aaron Sorkin Parody

     November 14, 2014


Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin has a very specific style, which therefore makes him easy to emulate—at least in comedic fashion.  There have been numerous Sorkin parodies over the years, from SNL to Amy Schumer, and last night when Sorkin was poised to be a guest on Late Night with Seth Meyers, the writing team felt it appropriate to create an Aaron Sorkin parody of their own.  This one is special, though, because Meyers and his team make their Sorkin parody unique by acknowledging just how unoriginal the idea of making a Sorkin parody is.  It’s executed perfectly and Meyers actually makes a swell stand-in for a Sorkin hero character, and it climaxes with a very well-placed cameo at the end.  Bravo, sirs.

Check out the Seth Meyers Aaron Sorkin parody after the jump.

Here’s Seth Meyers’ Sorkin parody from last night’s episode of Late Night, followed by Amy Schumer’s brilliant version below.