Aaron Sorkin Sends David Fincher a Friend Request for Facebook Movie

     June 23, 2009

david_fincher_image__1_.jpgBecause Aaron Sorkin writing a movie about Facebook wasn’t crazy enough, Variety is now reporting that David Fincher is in talks to direct, “The Social Network” which is about the formation of the popular social networking site where you discover which you can learn which dead child star is most like your friend and that being a fan of a property means that you’re entitled to not only advertising regarding that product, but advertising towards everything even remotely related to the one thing you wanted to support in the first place.

It’s hard to ignore the combination of talent that Sorkin and Fincher would provide despite the premise which isn’t even so much a premise as it is a modern phenomenon that Columbia Pictures wants to make into a movie.  To simply have it be, as Variety reports, the story of how Mark Zuckerberg created the site in his sophmore year at Harvard, may not be enough.  But for minds like David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin, it may turn out to be more than enough.

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