Aaron Sorkin Talks Steve Jobs Biopic; Says Jobs’ Daughter Lisa “Is the Heroine of the Movie”

     November 17, 2014


Danny Boyle‘s untitled Steve Jobs movie is still looking to land a lead actor (after moving through Leonardo DiCaprio and Christian Bale, the production is now trying to get Michael Fassbender to play the late Apple co-founder), but screenwriter Aaron Sorkin is still enthusiastic about the project, and had more to say about it while doing the press rounds for the final season of The Newsroom.   Speaking to The Independent, he revealed that the screenplay is 181 pages (since a single script page usually equals a minute of screentime, this movie is currently running around three hours), and about 100 of those pages is Steve Jobs.

However, this movie will go beyond just the Apple CEO and also look at his relationship with his daughter, Lisa Brennan-Jobs.  Hit the jump for more.

As we’ve previously reported the hook of the film is that it’s only three scenes, and each scene takes place backstage before the launch of a major product: the Mac (1984), NeXT (1988), and the iPod (2001).

While this may seem a bit of a retread for Sorkin, who already wrote a movie about a tech trailblazer, he says he’s more interested in the psychology of a person rather than their invention.  When it comes to the untitled Steve Jobs project, Sorkin tells The Independent [via /Film], “it’s the relationships he had – particularly with his daughter, Lisa – that drew me to it.”  Jobs had an estranged relationship with Lisa, and originally denied paternity of her before they reconciled when she was in her teens.

Although the movie is based on Walter Isaacson‘s official biography Steve Jobs, Lisa didn’t participate in it because her father was still alive at the time and she didn’t want to alienate either of her parents.  “I was very grateful that she was willing to spend time with me,” says Sorkin. “She is the heroine of the movie.”  So on top of the film’s unique structure, Boyle’s film will also have a new perspective that was absent from the source material.


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