ABC to Follow LOST Finale with One-Hour Special on JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE

     April 2, 2010


In news that is surprising to no one, ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live will follow the two-hour series finale of Lost with “Aloha to Lost”, a one-hour special devoted entirely to the show.  ABC is promising alternate endings to “Lost” will be presented on the show, along with live cast interviews and an appearance by showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.  I hope one of the alternate ending is the “Joop” contingency.

Of course the Lindelof and Cuse part is mandatory. I think there will be even more questions about the show once it’s finished, not because I’m expecting a lot of ambiguity in the finale, but about the process of how they came to their ending, changes they had to make along the way, and other notes on the “how” and “why” of the series rather than the “what”.  Here’s hoping Kimmel asks some questions sent in by fans.

And if you want to hate my positive reaction to this week’s episode, “The Package”, hit the jump.

lost_tv_poster_final_season_01.jpgI really enjoyed this week’s episode because it came back to the show’s real hook: the characters.  As much as people are aching for answers to the mythology, the reason people kept coming back was because they liked the characters and learning their stories.  The tale of Jin and Sun has slowly evolved into one of the show’s best with a love story that doesn’t feel sappy but real.  What was curious about their alternate reality is that they still loved each other, but Jin had, for some reason, never married Sun even though he continued to work for her father.  I would have liked some explanation like she was married to a man she didn’t love.

Yes, there was the silliness of Sun bumping her head and not being able to speak English anymore (a character point that I’m sure will resolve itself when she’s finally reunited with Jin).  And yes, it wasn’t a big reveal that Desmond was in the locker on Widmore’s ship (you can’t credit Henry Ian Cusick in the opening credits for so many episodes and then have it be a surprise when Desmond makes his return).

What really bummed me out was when Desmond saw Sayid and Sayid had that dead expression on his face.  The two forged a connection in “The Constant” and it would have been nice to see them (if you’ll forgive the expression), back on the same boat.  I still think Sayid deserves a redemption because let’s be honest: no one liked those fucking temple hippies.  But for Sayid to “no longer feel anything” makes the character a bore and must be disappointing for Naveen Andrews.  Sayid was an interesting character because he was a good man forced to do horrible things.  It was the price of his pragmatism.

Finally, the episode raised a question that had been bugging me ever since Smoke-Locke brought Sawyer to the cave: why wasn’t Kate’s name on the wall?  She was one of the people touched by Jacob in last season’s finale, “The Incident,” so why isn’t she a candidate?

Thankfully, next week looks like it will be a Desmond episode, which will not only provide some more answers, but will be a return of one of my favorite characters.