ABC Wants You To Write An Opening Theme Song for LOST

     July 6, 2009


Before you freak out and think that the final season of “Lost” is going to have an opening theme song, relax.  They’re not looking to change the ominous title-zoom or anything like that.  But IF “Lost” had a theme song, they’re looking to the fans to find out what it would be.  Would it be a “Dallas”-like riff or maybe a pop-music-inspired ditty.  Or perhaps just the theme from “Gilligan’s Island” (although I’m pretty sure you’re not allowed to submit that as your own composition).

The winner will get their tune played at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con “Lost” panel in Hall H on Saturday, July 25th in front of 6,000 adoring fans who will then twitter about how much they hated your tune.  Of course, this is all totally moot since College Humor already made up a theme song for “Lost”.

Click here for official rules and regulations.  The final season of “Lost” airs on ABC in 2010.  And hit the jump to see what College Humor came up with a few years ago.