Abigail Breslin Joins Julianne Moore in Vampire Thriller INNOCENCE

     February 12, 2011


Abigail Breslin has signed on to star opposite Julianne Moore in Innocence, an adaptation of the novel by Jane Menelsohn.  Breslin will play Beckett, “a recently bereaved teenage girl who finds herself the focus of everyone’s attention at her elitist private school, which is home to a nest of vampires.”  Hilary Brougher (Stephanie Daley) is on board to direct.

Hit the jump for a synopsis of the book, which notably omits the word “vampire.”


Adolescence is a tough time for most people, and it is especially hard for 14-year-old Beckett, whose mother was killed in a drunk-driving accident in the suburbs. After the accident, her father, Miles, decides to move to an apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, enrolling Beckett in an exclusive private school. Strange things are happening at this school: several girls have formed suicide pacts, and three girls kill themselves shortly after Beckett begins school. It is through these events that Beckett meets Pam, the school nurse, who begins dating Miles and eventually becomes Beckett’s new stepmother.

None of the reviews/synopses at Amazon mention the vampiric aspect of the story.  One customer even complains that the book should not be classified as vampire fiction at all.  I get the sense that Innocence is pitched as a full-on vampire movie though.  I’m curious to see the trailer for this one — whether the implication will be “There’s something strange about these people” or “This school is full of vampires.”

Either way, the story sounds like something I wouldn’t really want to read, but something I would want to see on a screen.  Especially with Breslin and Moore, two actresses whose work I generally admire.

According to Variety, Killer Films plans on a summer shoot.

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