3 Clips and 20 Minutes of Behind-the-Scenes Footage from ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER

     June 19, 2012


We’ve been provided with three clips and 20 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage from Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.  Based on the Seth Grahame-Smith novel of the same name, the film delves into the “secret” past of our nation’s 16th president and documents his quest to cut as many vampires in half as possible after they murder his mother.  Wanted helmer Timur Bekmambetov directs with producer Tim Burton onboard to make sure things stay strange, which is crucial when your film’s title is Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

Hit the jump to watch the clips.  Be sure to check out Steve’s set visit coverage including 30 things to know plus a video blog, and interviews with Bekmambetov, Benjamin Walker, and Dominic Cooper.  Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter opens in 3D on June 22nd.


Behind-the-scenes footage part 1

Behind-the-scenes footage part 2

Here’s the synopsis for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter:

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter explores the secret life of our greatest President, and the untold story that shaped our nation. Visionary filmmakers Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov (director of Wanted) bring a fresh and visceral voice to the blood-thirsty lore of the vampire, imagining Lincoln as history’s greatest hunter of the undead.


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