Video and Images from Our Visit to the ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER Event in Springfield, Illinois

     February 25, 2012


Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is selling itself as one of the most exciting genre films hitting this summer. To get people in the mood Fox hosted an event in Springfield, Illinois – the home of Lincoln’s tomb, and his library and museum. That evening director Timur Bekmambetov, writer Seth Grahame-Smith, producer Jim Lemley, and the film’s Abraham Lincoln himself Benjamin Walker were given a tour and hosted an event where they showed the film’s trailer, four film clips, and answered some questions.  After the jump, check out video from Lincoln’s Tomb, the vault where some amazing historical artifacts are kept, and a number of images.

The four were given a private tour of Lincoln’s tomb, where it’s considered good luck to rub the statues nose – all presidents since its creation have rubbed it. At the tomb, Lincoln’s body is kept under ten feet of concrete to make sure his body isn’t stolen.

They also got to walk around the Lincoln Library and Museum, which had been done up to highlight Lincoln’s vampire hunting abilities. Stakes and axes were added to many of the displays, along with other little Easter eggs for the night’s festivities. As it’s a film about vampires all of this was done after hours and one of the most fun things about it was running around the displays, looking at the 13th amendment and the Emancipation Proclamation while having a cocktail. They also took us into the vault, where some of the site’s most precious documents are held. One of the most impressive is one of Lincoln’s actual stovepipe hats, where you can see where the beaver fur changed color due to use. Also there was one of the gloves he had on him when he was assassinated. Of course, the vault had also been made up for the event, so there were some Easter eggs in the area.

Post Q and A, the four were asked a number of questions, here’s the 30 minute video.

Finally, here’s a ton of images from the event.    Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter hits theaters June 22.


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