‘Action Point’ Trailer: Johnny Knoxville Combines ‘Jackass’ Stunts with a Theme Park Story

     March 21, 2018


Paramount Pictures has released the first trailer for the upcoming action comedy Action Point. Directed by Tim Kirkby (Brockmire), the film stars Johnny Knoxville as the owner of a low-rent amusement park who, when his teenage daughter comes to visit, pulls out all the stops in order to compete with a bigger, badder theme park that threatens to put them out of business.

The screenplay hails from Silicon Valley writers/producers John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky, and indeed Silicon Valley creator Mike Judge has a “story by” credit on the film. The final result is a blend of that smart sense of humor with Knoxville’s penchant for outlandish stunts. Indeed, this movie is basically Jackass with an actual narrative story, as the stunts on the highly dangerous and misguided attractions at the theme park are done for real.

And you know what? It kind of works. Jackass was a huge deal when it was on, and Jackass: Number Two still stands as one of the funniest theatrical experiences I’ve ever had. You’ll notice some Jackass regulars on the screen here, and it honestly feels a bit nostalgic. So yeah, I’m in.

Check out the Action Point trailer below. The film also stars Chris Pontius, Dan Bakkedahl, Matt Schulze, Eleanor Worthington-Cox, Johnny Pemberton, Brigette Lundy-Paine, Joshua Hoover, Conner McVicker, and Eric Manaka. Action Point opens in theaters on June 1st.

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