13 Actresses Who Deserve to Have Their Own Action Franchise

     June 8, 2017


[With Wonder Woman cleaning up at the box office, we’ve decided to re-post this article.]

There are so many talented actresses in Hollywood, and yet it seems like even when they show that they can carry an action role, they’re relegated to the sidelines. We will give Vin Diesel, a man whose acting range extends as far as a toothpick, multiple franchises, but better actors have to wait patiently for their own franchises that may never come.

That’s a shame, and it’s a loss for everyone. It’s a loss for Hollywood missing out on the next bankable star that could create a franchise for the studio, it’s a loss for audiences who are locked into the same actors playing only a handful of roles, and it’s a loss for talented actresses who can do much more than what they’ve been offered.

Here are 13 actresses who deserve to be leading their own action franchises.

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