Adam Brody to Star in Neil LaBute Adaptation SOME GIRLS and Island Comedy WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE

     January 16, 2012


I am an unabashed fan of The O.C., which is equivalent to being an Adam Brody supporter.  His career never took off like we all expected after the Fox soap signed off the air 2007, but there’s still time for the 32-year-old actor to flourish.  The next couple years promises a flurry of Brody, including Damsels in Distress, The Oranges, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, and Lovelace.  At least one of those ought to stick, but tonight we received word of two more starring vehicles for Brody: Some Girls and Welcome to the JungleSome Girls is a feature adaptation of the Neil LaBute play bout a successful writer who meets with five ex-girlfriends before his wedding.  Welcome to the Jungle also features Rob Huebel, Dennis Haysbert, Kristen Schaal, and Jean-Claude Van Damme(!) as a group of co-workers who go on an office retreat and end up stranded on a tropical island.  Hit the jump for more on each project.

some-girls-playbook-coverVariety reports LaBute will produce Some Girls and co-write the script, but he’s handing directing duties off to Jennifer Getzinger, who has helmed five Mad Men segments including pantheon episode “The Suitcase.”  Eric McCormack and David Schwimmer have each taken on the starring role in different productions—Brody does feel like the movie upgrade, if only by virtue of his youth. Shooting begins this April in Los Angeles.  Here is the play synopsis, which really could go either way on screen, depending on execution:

Your career as a writer is blossoming, your beautiful, young fiancee is waiting to get married and rush off to Cancun by your side—so what is your natural reaction? Well, if you’re a man, it’s probably to get nervous and start calling up old girlfriends. And so begins a single man’s odyssey through four hotel rooms as he flies across the country in search of the perfect woman (that he’s already broken up with). [Amazon]

Rob Meltzer will direct Welcome to the Jungle, which has a surreal logline to match the eclectic cast:

A group of staffers at a design firm go on an office retreat to a tropical island, where total chaos erupts after they become stranded. A Lord of the Flies-type situation unfolds, and Brody’s protagonist is forced to match wits with the power-hungry leader in order to rescue his co-workers.

Jeff Kauffman wrote the script.  Shooting begins next month in Puerto Rico.

To give you an idea of Meltzer’s sense of humor, I Am Stamos—the short he directed about a character actor who “magically begins to photograph as John Stamos”—is embedded below:


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