Adam Driver Addresses the Rumor He Might Be Nightwing in BATMAN vs. SUPERMAN

     November 16, 2013


A few days ago we reported Nightwing is set to make his live-action feature film debut in Zack Snyder’s Batman vs. Superman, and Warner Bros. was eyeing Adam Driver (Girls) for the part.  Supposedly, Driver is the frontrunner for the role, which is described as being Batman/Bruce Wayne’s (Ben Affleck) estranged partner, Dick Grayson.  Grayson took on the Nightwing moniker to go off on his own crime-fighting adventures after being taken under Batman’s wing as his side-kick, Robin, but this new iteration finds the former dynamic duo apart for a number of years, and it remains to be seen just how frosty the relationship is between the the Dark Knight and his former protege.

So when I sat down with Driver during the press junket for the Coen Brothers awesome movie, Inside Llewyn Davis (Driver has a small but memorable role), I asked him about the rumor.  Hit the jump for what he said.

adam-driver-batman-vs-Superman-nightwingAs you can see in the video below, Driver denies he’s been cast.  However, my gut tells me Nigthwing is going to be in the movie and Warner Bros./Zack Snyder are still figuring out who will play the role.

My favorite bit is near the end, where Driver talks about what it means to even be mentioned for the role and his thoughts on the movie and characters.

With Batman vs. Superman due out July 17, 2015 and filming set to begin early next year, I’m sure we’re going to hear plenty of casting announcements soon.

Here’s what Driver had to say.  Look for the full interview closer to release.

Adam Driver:

  • Is he a fan of Batman and Superman comics?
  • Is there any truth to the rumors he’s going to play Nightwing?
  • What does it mean to him to be mentioned for this role?



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