Watch Adam Driver Eff Up a Christmas Tree in ‘Saturday Night Live’ Promo

     January 22, 2020

Modern-day Saturday Night Live has a spotty history of being funny on the actual day of production, much less in its short promos, so leave it to miracle worker Adam Driver to produce a genuinely chuckle-worthy guest spot. The Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker star is hosting the show on January 25th with musical guest Halsey, and he’s arrived at Studio 8H absolutely ready to eff up a few leftover Christmas decorations.

Despite the fact I firmly believe this sketch was only conceived and written for the sole purpose of seeing Adam Driver lift a tree above his head, this brief little bit is just so genuinely funny to me. I don’t know. Driver is an underrated deadpan expert, and the way he says “that’s where that goes” after depositing a Christmas decoration on to the Manhattan street just absolutely slays.

If you really need a real refresher on the fact Adam Driver is an A-tier SNL host, though, you only need to direct your eyes to “Career Day” from his second hosting gig, in which the actor commits to playing an insane oil baron in a bald-cap with such intensity I 100%, unironically think it deserved to win an Emmy. It is flawless art. If this weekend produces a sketch 1/4 as batshit as “Career Day” it will be a win for us all.

Anyway, check out the new promo below. Adam Driver returns to host Saturday Night Live on January 25th. For even more Driver, here are our full reviews of both Marriage Story and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.