Adam Sandler to Play Both JACK AND JILL

     October 27, 2009


Judd Apatow’s “Funny People” gave Adam Sandler an opportunity to lampoon the type of roles he usually plays.  The film featured fake trailers showing Sandler’s character as a series of gimmicky goofballs or an everyman thrown into supernatural or fantastical circumstances that mirrored the roles that have defined Sandler’s actual career, a la “Little Nicky”, “Bedtime Stories”, and “Click”.  For me, the acknowledgment of my own typecasting would be enough to steer me away from similar endeavors, but apparently that’s not how Hollywood works.  Sandler will indeed continue to play gimmick-defined characters, the next of which will be playing both Jack AND Jill in an upcoming romantic comedy, aptly titled “Jack and Jill”.  More after the jump.

The film will be produced through Sandler’s own Happy Madison Productions, with the screen play written by longtime “Saturday Night Live” (and subsequent “Saturday Night Live” inspired films) writer Steve Koren.  Not much other info is available, especially since the film isn’t scheduled to shoot until next year and won’t be released until early 2011.

I do generally like Adam Sandler, and found some of his early films to still rank among my favorites (“Happy Gilmore” will never get old), but after so many films the quality has really suffered, and they have become sadly predictable.  I have a feeling the “Jill” character will be Sandler in drag scrunching up his face and doing the goofy old man voice that is a staple of his repertoire, and I can almost guarantee that Rob Schneider will make an appearance.  There will be some fart and wiener jokes, but at the end we’ll find that Jack really does have a heart of gold.  You can find a complete plot synopsis contained within the run-time of “50 First Dates”.  Prove me wrong, Adam. Prove me wrong. [Variety]


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