Adam Scott and Chris O’Dowd Talk FRIENDS WITH KIDS

     March 8, 2012


Adam Scott’s been killing it lately on Parks and Recreation and in small roles in comedies like Our Idiot Brother, Eastbound and Down and, of course, as the singing douchebag brother in Step Brothers.

This week you’ll get to see him be funny but also a little serious in Jennifer Westfeldt’s unique relationship comedy Friends With Kids. He’s looking pretty dapper in a suit next to considerably more scruffy Chris O’Dowd, who plays one of his miserable, married buddies in the film. We had the good fortune to interview them both in New York this week. Check out the video after the jump.

friends-with-kids-movie-image-adam-scott-jennifer-westfeldt-02For more on the film, here’s seven clips, the red band trailer, and Steve’s exclusive interviews with Megan Fox, Jon Hamm and Adam Scott that were done at the Toronto International Film Festival.  You can also watch my interview with Jon Hamm and Kristen Wiig here.

Adam Scott and Chris O’Dowd

  • How a lot of the guy scenes in the movie were how people really talk and not movie scenes
  • Why do ski lodges bring out the worst in friends
  • Have they had any real life experiences that mimic what happens in the film with friends with kids
  • Has Adam Scott seen the parody videos of people singing with their familes like Step Brothers


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