Adam West to Voice Thomas Wayne on BATMAN: BRAVE AND THE BOLD

     August 3, 2009


While at Comic Con, I got the chance to interview the people behind the Cartoon Network’s hit: “Batman: Brave and the Bold”.  Followers of the site know I’ve been a fan of the show since it began.  There will be a full interview coming soon, but for now, the news.  Based on two interview snippets, one sanctioned, and the other … not so much … I was able to gleam the fact that Adam West will be voicing Batman in next season’s B & B. More after the jump:

batman_the_brave_and_the_bold_image__1_.jpgJames Tucker pointed out that they will be adapting some comic stories for next season. “There’s a story where Batman finds out that his dad actually wore the Batman costume before him.”

Tucker is referring to a classic story called the Untold Legend of Batman.  In it, Bruce finds out that his father Thomas Wayne actually fought mobsters while dressed as a batman – because Thomas was at a costume party, but still.  When asked about the casting of Thomas Wayne, Tucker deflected.

But, when interviewing another member of the creative team (who shall remain nameless), I learned who would be voicing the father of the Bat.

“Julie Newmar is playing Martha Wayne, and playing Bruce’s father Thomas Wayne will be Adam West!  I think they’re VERY appropriate parents for Batman…  I should probably NOT be revealing this.”

Put these two pieces together and we have Adam West reprising his role as Batman for next season’s Batman: Brave and the Bold!

Be sure to check out my full interviews (posting soon) for more info on next season and to learn why Batman voice actor Deidrich Bader’s son loves Moon Knight.