Adrien Brody and Possibly Topher Grace Cast in PREDATORS; Internet Becomes Concerned

     October 6, 2009


I understand the need for redemption from the “Alien vs. Predator” movies and if adding more xenomorphs made “Aliens” an action-charged flick, then adding more Predators can’t be a horrible idea.  Recent casting news seemed sensible: Danny Trejo, Walton Goggins, Alexa Braga, Mahershalalhashbaz Ali (his nickname is “Ali” although I can’t possibly imagine why he would need a nickname), and UFC fighter Oleg Taktarov.  A team of ass-kickers, just like in the original “Predator”.  But who would lead this band of modern-day vikings?

Adrien Brody.  Because when I think “bad-ass”, I think, “Adrien Brody”.  That’s who’s leading them.  Oh, and Topher Grace may also be in the gang, also as a bad-ass.  Let this casting news sink in a bit and then hit the jump.

Heat Vision Blog reports that Adrien Brody will lead “a group of elite warrior-types who are being hunted by members of a race of merciless alien trackers called Predators”.

Maybe I’m confused.  Is there another Adrien Brody I don’t know about?  Like one who actually looks like he may have punched something once in his life?  Because when HVB says Brody plays a man who, “is known as a hunter of men,” then I’m left with more questions than answers.  First, who looked at Brody, with his haunted eyes and scrawny, pale frame and said, “This is our hunter of men!”  Second, what use is a “hunter of men” when you’re being hunted by aliens who aren’t so much men as they are aliens.  Who can turn invisible.  And fuck your shit up a hundred times worse than a human being.

And then you have Topher Grace in negotiations to play, “an accountant-type whose unassuming facade masks a dangerous serial killer.”  And in a movie where he was facing off against people and not FUCKING PREDATORS, I would say that’s a terrific casting choice.

I don’t think Brody or Grace are bad actors.  Quite the contrary, I think Brody is great and that Grace should be on the A-list.  I’m just curious how we went from guys like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse “I don’t have time to bleed” Ventura to two actors who look like the kind of guys the Predators would stuff in their lockers.


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